Warranty Claim

All fields in the form below are required. Please note that you will need a clear, digital image of your receipt/proof of purchase and images showing any and all damage to the product. If you cannot get digital copies of these you can also click here to get a printable warranty claim form which you can then fill out and mail to us with the photos and copy of your sales receipt/proof of purchase.

The following items are not covered under warranty
  • Shipping and handling damage which occurred as a result of another party’s handling.
  • Acts of God (high wind, storms, etc...please check with your homeowner’s insurance).
  • Failure to use the product in the appropriate manner specified in the manual.
  • An expired warranty (refer to the manual for the warranty period.
  • Labor costs associated with repair, placement, removal or installation of the product.
  • Cash Refunds (A warranty is provided to correct manufacturing defects. Please check with the retailer for store’s return policy and procedures if seeking credit for the the product.)
To submit your warranty claim, please print and mail this Printable Warranty Claim Form and mail it