Frequently Asked Questions


What size bow do you recommend for my child?

It depends on the size and strength of your child. We have a broad range of youth compound and recurve bows between 9lb. and 60lb. draw weights.


Can I install my anchor system in the same concrete I pour for my court?

For best results with less vibration, your Anchor System should be independent from your court. If pouring concrete for both at the same time, add an expansion joint between.

How do I maintain my basketball system?

If rust should appear on the pole, remove loose paint, sand lightly, prime and paint with exterior flat paint. If rust has penetrated through the steel anywhere, replace pole immediately.

My Goaliath pole has seized and I cannot get past my current measurement to reach the 6 inch mark, been working on it for days now. What should I do? Is my pole defective?

The poles are held together with a friction lock system. Use WD-40 at the seams of the two poles, let it soak for about a day. Then, with a piece of plywood on the concrete, pick the poles up 12 inches off the ground and slam down until mark has been reached.

See instruction videos: Goaliath (B2222) and Silverback (B5400) Two Piece Swedge Pole Assembly or Goaliath (B2223) and Silverback (B5402/B5403) Two Piece Swedge Pole Assembly

What are the overhang dimensions at each adjustment height?

Goalrilla™ / Goaliath™ / Silverback™ Overhang Dimensions

The amount of overhang that your unit will deliver is dependent on what height you have your goal set at. Locate your model below to determine what the "range" of the overhang will be.

Measurements have been taken from the face of the backboard to the face of the post (see diagram).

Model NumberModel Name10 Feet9 Feet8 Feet7.5 Feet
B2217BGB 54"273130.7529
B2219WGB 60"273130.7529
B2220WGB 54" CS26.53130.7529
B2222WGB 54" iG19.2524.7524.7522.5
B2223WGB 60" BRS273130.7529
B5400WSB 54" iG19.2524.7534.7522.5
B5401WSB 54" CS273130.7529
B5402WSB 60"273130.7529
B5403WSB 60" HL273130.7529
B4002WGS 60"22.526.526.2524.5
B4003WGS 54"21.525.525.2523.5
B2330WGoalrilla E145494948.25
B3100WGoalrilla I - GSI4548.37548.547.375
B3200WGoalrilla II - GSII31.536.12536.37534.75
B3300WGoalrilla III - GSIII30.37535.87536.535.375
B3400WGoalrilla IV - GSIV27.12532.87533.532
B2320Goalrilla Pro Glass45494948.25
B2309Goalrilla Pro45494948.25
B2308Goalrilla I43.754848.7548
B2307Goalrilla II30.25363735.875
B2306Goalrilla III30.2536.1253736.125
B2205Goalrilla IV2531.2532.2531
B2204Goalrilla V2531.2532.2531
B2303Goalrilla Stationary55.25---------

What does the "gauge" of steel mean?

Gauge refers to the thickness of steel. The lower the gauge number correlates to thicker steel. Example: 7 gauge is thicker than 11 gauge.

What is the regulation height of a basketball rim?

For high school, college, and professional basketball, the regulation height is 10 feet to the top side of the basketball rim.

What size hole do you dig for the anchor system?

The recommended hole size is 16" diameter on top, 48" deep (for Goalrilla hoops, 36" deep for Goaliath hoops), and 20" belled out at the base. It will also require eleven (for Goalrilla hoops, 9 for Goaliath hoops) 80lb. bags of concrete. This will ensure that it's past the frost line and solid fit.

Why are there nuts between the anchor plate and the pole on my Goalrilla system? This leaves a space between the anchor plate and the pole. Is this correct?

Yes. The nuts which are beneath the pole act as a way for you to level the system once it is installed. If the concrete is not perfectly level, you will be able to level the pole by adjusting these four nuts beneath the pole. Simply place a level on the sides of the pole to check it for levelness. You can loosen the top nuts slightly and adjust the bottom nuts to move the system up or down on the corner which needs leveling. When the system is level, simply tighten all nuts against the pole system.

Why does the hole for the anchor system need to be 16" diameter and 48" deep?

Due to different soil conditions and frost lines, the diameter and depth specified ensures a solid, long lasting foundation. If you can't dig to 48" deep, consult your local building official for the frost line depth. 36" is the absolute minimum depth regardless of the frost line. The bell shape of the hole should always be below the frost line. Important safety precaution: Before you dig, call your local utilities to rule out the presence of buried cables including power, water, gas and phone lines. Failure to do so could result in serious bodily injury.


What is the difference between slate and slatron pool beds?

Slate is a rock. Slatron is a man made product constructed from resin-reinforced wood fibers. Slatron has a glass-smooth playing surface that is 20 times more dense than particleboard. Both products are 3/4" thick and cut identically.

What is the recommended room size for a pool table?

For a 6 foot table the reccomended room size is 12' x 15'.

For a 7 foot table the reccomended room size is 12'6" x 15'.

For an 8 foot table the reccomended room size is 13' x 17'.

Dimensions are based on the use of a regulation 57-inch cue stick.


What are the correct dimensions for hanging a dartboard?

The center bull on the board should be 5 foot 8 inches from the floor. The throwing line is 8 feet from the face of the dartboard.

Game Tables

How do I clean my air hockey table?

We recommend cleaning the table top with a damp cloth only. Chemicals may harm the finish or the table top surface. If you would like to make the surface "smoother", we recommend you spray a furniture polish on a separate cloth, turn the blower motor on, and wipe the table down with the cloth.

Table Tennis

Are the rails supposed to extend above the table?

The rails are designed to add extra support, not to protect the sides of the table. The rails should be assembled in the same location, but should extend downward towards the floor.

Could I keep my indoor table outside with a table cover to protect the surface?

This would still expose your table to the extreme atmospheric changes that will cause the table to swell, crack, blister or warp. The cover will only trap the moisture inside to amplify these damages.

How big is a table tennis when in play position?

All of our Table Tennis Tables are regulation size when in the play position. Regulation tables are 5 foot by 9 foot.

My hinges are assembled in the incorrect position. How do I adjust?

Please refer to the video for hinges in the instruction videos section. Note: Failure to assemble in the assembly position could result in damage to table and void the warranty.

What are your outdoor table tennis tables made of?

The outdoor models are made from sheets of aluminum glued to a wooden core. The edges of the table tops are aluminum which seals the table from the elements.