Ellie Taylorar@escaladesports.comCASH POSTER'S / WRITE OFF'Sthis group will receive emails regarding write offs, approved deductions and pre-payment forms
Jeff Alveycustomers should still send their remit advice to this email
Lori Scalesarcheryar@escaladesports.com ARCHERY COORDINATORthis group will address any archery emails or issues
Heather Buggbilliardsar@escaladesports.comBILLIARDS COORDINATORthis group will address any billiard emails or issues
Lisa Rootaccountsar@escaladesports.comTOP ACCOUNTS COORDINATORthis group will address any emails or issues with our top accounts – Amazon, Walmart, DSG, Academy, etc and for now Victory Tailgate
Cassady Hibnersportsar@escaladesports.com SPORTS COORDINATORthis group will address any emails or issues that are NOT archery, billiards, top accounts or Victory Tailgate
Kirsten Haydenarsupport@escaladesports.comCHARGE CARD PROCESSINGthis group will take credit card payments (please use the credit card form template to ensure ALL necessary information is provided)
this group also helps complete credit reference requests and set up charge card accounts
Jennifer Garverickreturnsar@escaladesports.comRA ADMINthis group will take care of issuing refunds for RA’s and moving RA’s to open
REFUNDSrefunds on charge cards processed within the AS400
Kirsten Haydeninvoicing@escaladesports.comINVOICINGthis group handles invoicing orders every morning
Jennifer Garverick
Lisa Martincreditmanager@escaladesports.comCUSTOMER SET UPsets up net term customers, adjusts limits, updates customer information 
ORDER RELEASEreleases orders that haven’t been released
CREDIT MANAGERuse this group for general questions and FYI's